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USPS Boating Safety Instructor and Advancecd Pilot

Mel took his first Boating Safety course in 1984, was re-certified in 2000 and has been actively boating on the north shore ever since.  An avid power boater, he has motored his 30 foot Sea Ray Sundancer down the Hudson from Newburgh, and around Manhattan to points east including Mattituck and Greenport. Mel also frequently makes short trips to Connecticut and enjoys the Neptune mooring in Lloyd Harbor.  Continued...

Mel Adler 

Ron Friedmann

NY State Certified Boating Safety Instructor, USPS Certified Boating Instructor and Advanced Pilot

I joined the Power Squadron in 1965 because my girlfriend's wife father owned a boat and I wanted to learn about the rules of the road and navigation. Back then the Boating course was 8 weeks (plus exam) and included charting.  Continued...

Dave Martin

Held US Merchant Marine Masters License for 30 Years.

USPS Boating Safety Instructor. and Advanced Pilot

Dave has been around power and sailboats all his life. He sailed from Maine to Florida and vacationed annually in LI Sound and Rhode Island waters. He has also sailed in the British Virgin Islands. Continued...

USPS Boating Safety Instructor and Advanced Pilot,

RN, CPR Instructor, First Aid Instructor

I have been boating since I was 12 years old. I have owned ten motor boats and six sailboats.  I have made ten solo trips from New York to Florida and the Bahamas since 1983 and logged 30,000 miles.  I have received two life-saving awards for rescuing an unconscious sailor who was face down in the water.  Continued...

Anthony Pozun

Philip Quarles

USPS Boating Safety Instructor and Senior Navigator

I learned how to sail at the Steve Colgate School of Sailing on City Island in 1975.  Then I flew to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands and charted a sailboat. Over the years, I charted sailboats from the Moorings in the British Virgin Islands, SailTime and the Offshore Sailing School at Liberty Landing in NY. 


In 2009, my wife and I purchased a 40 ft sailboat. In 2015 I completed a passage from Ft. Lauderdale FL to Northport NY as navigator on a friend's boat. Continued...

Andrew Whiteley

Boating Safety Instructor, Navigator and Trans Atlantic Sailor

Andrew grew up boating in many different craft after being taught by his Dad to sail in dinghies in the UK. Growing up he piloted canal and river cruisers up to 70’ in length, sailed in Mirror, 505, and Fireball dinghies. Andrew also took 3 trips as a trainee and watch leader on the Sail Training ship Sir Winston Churchill, a 120’ three masted Schooner and taught sailing in a US summer camp on Soling keelboats. Andrew has owned a 33ft Pearson and currently owns Blea Tarn, a 42ft Beneteau 423 that he sailed from Virginia over the Atlantic Ocean to Portugal. Continued...

Janine Burns

USPS Boating Safety Instructor 

Janine acquired her passion for boating as a very young girl fishing for Stripers and Bass with her Dad and brother off of Eaton’s Neck.  Boating with her family included water skiing and swimming at Sand City, sunning in Lloyd Harbor, and trips across Long Island Sound.  With fifty plus years of boating experience, she took the Boating Safety Course for the first time at the age of 15 and has taken it three times since.  Her passion for boating safety prompted her to become certified as a United States Power Squadron Boating Safety Instructor.  Continued...


Joe Kerner

USPS Boating Safety and Weather Instructor

Joe Kerner majored in Biochemistry and Mathematics at Stony Brook University.  He earned an advanced degree in Physical Oceanography from Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS) at Stony Brook.  This included graduate level work in atmospheres, geology, biology, chemistry, math, aerodynamics, geophysical fluid dynamics, and computer science. Continued...

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