Joe Kerner's Boating Resume


More About Me

Joe Kerner majored in Biochemistry and Mathematics at Stony Brook University.  His hard work and intellectual promise earned him another four years at University, where he earned an advanced degree in Physical Oceanography.  This included graduate level work in atmospheres, geology, biology, chemistry, math, aerodynamics, geophysical fluid dynamics, and computer science.  At about the time he realized he could learn on his own, the university made up some story about commencement from which he understood they were politely asking him to move on, and somehow claiming they had prepared him for the “real “world.   Truth be told, he was never been quite the same since.


After his initial position as a staff scientist at an engineering firm applying his thesis work to predicting circulation changes in the Chesapeake Bay, and through some strange quirk of fate, he found himself applying his skills to pairs trading and financial modeling.  The firm, unfortunately, went bankrupt (his alibi is on file).   This launched his career as an IT professional in a financial institution which will remain nameless to protect the innocent.


Oh, yeah, Joe has been an avid sailor since the age of 14.  He enjoys work and loves sailing, science, math, … and a good laugh.  The only titles that hang on his wall at work are husband and father.  His kids just call him Dad.  And don’t tell anyone, he has even written some poetry.


He has been an active member of the community and has learned something from everyone he has met.



Took These USPS Courses

  • Seamanship

  • Piloting

  • Advanced Piloting

  • Weather