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Our History

Since 1938, the Neptune Sail and Power Squadron (now known as the Neptune Boating Club) has been providing boating instruction to Huntington Township, including the waters of Huntington, Centerport, Northport, Lloyd's Neck and Asharoken. 


You are invited to check out our club where you can learn new skills, meet new friends. Take a look at our courses, read about our instructors or contact us to find out more.

Our Story

The 21st-century information age carries with it a mix of new challenges and promising tools. The Neptune Boating Club offers a flexible program of self-study and classroom instruction. At the core of our mission lies our commitment to providing an engaging, respectful and rewarding learning environment.


Our unique approach, together with our top quality volunteer instructors, makes the Neptune Boating Club one of the best places to become a better boater in the Huntington Township.  

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