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Ron Friedmann's Boating Resume

About Me

I have sailed on my former father-in-law's boat throughout most of the Bahamas. I have always loved the water and boats, and when I was a child my family went on vacation to a large lake in New Hampshire where we rented a small, outboard-powered skiff which I was always in. 

I joined the Power Squadron in 1965 because my girlfriend's (then wife) father owned a boat and I didn't want to appear like a total idiot regarding boats, rules of the road and navigation. Back then the Boating course was 8 weeks (plus exam) and included charting. Around that time I became a certified SCUBA diver and got re-certified with my children when they took the diving course. I have sailed on my former father-in-law's boat throughout most of the Bahamas.

My first boat was a 26-foot Cruisers Incorporated I/O on which my son had his first boating experience at 3 weeks old. Other boats I have owned over the years were all diesels and included a 31 foot Bertram Moppy, a 38 foot Bertram Aft Cabin and now a 42 Aft Cabin Uniflite. I brought my 38 up from Key Biscane Florida mostly via the Intracoastal to Northport. I have sailed with Neptune to several Connecticut ports including Essex and Mystic, Rendezvous East in Montauk, Block  Island, Newport and up the Hudson to Kingston. I have also visited most harbors on Long Island Sound, Shelter Island,  Nantucket and the Elizabeth Islands including Martha's Vineyard, Currtyhunk, and Menemsha. Since it is boating, the weather was not always ideal, but thanks to my Power Squadron training, we always arrived safely.

Teaches These USPS Courses

  • Boating Safety

  • Seamanship,

  • Electronic Navigation

  • Communications

  • Using GPS Seminar

  • Using VHF/DSC Seminar


  • U.S. Power Squadron Boating Safety Instructor

  • N.Y. State Boating Safety Instructor

  • Power Squadron/Coast Guard Vessel Safety Examiner

Major Offices Held

Commander, Neptune Power Squadron (also Squadron Assistant Secretary, AO)

Commander, District 3 (also District Secretary, AO, XO)

Liaison to The Greater Huntington Council of Yacht and Boating Clubs

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