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Man Overboard Seminar

People fall overboard, especially in rough weather and high seas. Discover how to prevent a tragedy in the first place by staying on the boat.  And if a family member/crewmember does go overboard, you will learn how to equip and maneuver your boat to retrieve them. Essential for all boaters, this seminar could be a life-saver. 
What's included?
  • How to recover a person who has fallen overboard
  • Vessel set-up and man overboard (MOB) equipment
  • Maneuvering to keep your boat close to your family member/crew member in the water
  • Methods of recovering the person overboard for power boaters or sailors

This seminar will be presented by Philip Quarles a certified USPS Boating Safety Instructor and Senior Navigator.  Phil is also a certified US Sailing Coastal Navigator and holds a current US Sailing Safety at Sea seminar certificate.   
Where: Halesite Volunteer Fire Department
            1 New York Avenue, 
            Halesite NY 11743
When: Wednesday, February 5th from 7 PM to 9 PM. 
Investment: $20. Registration is limited to the first 25 students.

To register, just enter your name, email and "MOB" in the Message box below and click Register. We will reply to you.

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