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Anchoring with Assurance Seminar

Reduce the risk of running aground by understanding the issues and problems involving anchoring, such as anchor types and sizes.  In this two-hour seminar, you will learn proper anchoring techniques for different types of sea bottoms.   

What's included?

  • Understand how to anchor and choose appropriate locations depending on conditions.

  • Understand how to select appropriate anchors, chain, and rode.

  • Understand how to effectively pick up moorings and raft your boat to other boats.

  • Understand how to use—and know how to tie—the two knots most often used when anchoring: the anchor bend and the figure-eight knot.

This seminar will be presented by Philip Quarles a certified USPS Boating Safety Instructor and Senior Navigator.  Phil is also a certified US Sailing Coastal Navigator and holds a current US Sailing Safety at Sea seminar certificate. 


Investment: $20

Where: Halesite Volunteer Fire Department

            1 New York Avenue

            Halesite NY 11743  

When: Wednesday, April 1st from 7 PM to 9 PM


To register, just enter your name, email and "Anchoring" in the message box below and click Register. We will reply to you.

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